Oh you voracious dog!

The whole world knows you for your insatiability

You have a brobdinagian tummy,but your body is as small as that of a frog

Your Voracity has made you many man’s liability

You are always hungry!

Your tumbling tummy growls always

You piggish pathetic fool

You have nothing else to think than getting good food in all possible ways

Greed got you swimming in the pool of dark death

See how your long throat  cut your life short!

You ate the food set as a death trap for someone

The food sweetly garnished with poison

It was indeed a pleasurable pain

Your tummy tossed you into your early grave

What a pity!,death is the reward of your long throat!



Elijah studied English in University Of Ilorin. He has ardour for writing poems and short stories; he has over a hundred pieces in these genres to his name. He nicknamed himself "Germane" as a result of his frequent use of the English word. He says: "Art is my heart".

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Gracie.. · May 2, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Absolutely interesting.. Kisses, FemKeys.. That rhymes.. 😊😊

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