You’re probably tired of the fruits you have around. Obviously, orange, water melon, cashew, apple, etc. are the common fruits we have around. Are you wondering if they are the only fruits in existence? The answer is No. There are a host of other fruits. We are about to reveal to you some fruits you probably have not heard about or seen before:


This is a fruit tree which grows majorly in the rainforest of Amazon basin which are in , Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. It is the Brazilian national fruit. It has a thicker outer shell, the pulp inside is soft, fragrant and tasty.
The fruit has health and skincare benefits. Cupuaçu is a rich source vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, it boosts immunity and help in tissue regeneration.
Studies showed that Cupuaçu butter is capable of keeping the body moisturizer for eight hours and improves the firmness of your skin and heals cracked and sunburned skin.

Cupuaçu is used as an alternative to Shea butter to treat brittle or dry hair.
You may want to try Cupuaçu. It is a special kind of fruit and it tastes like chocolate.


The mangosteen fruit is very rare in Western markets. It is native to Indonesia, also found in few South Asian countries. The purple colored, mangosteen contains fruity part which packed inside a small shell. The edible part of mangosteen has a small triangular shape that makes it look like garlic. This fruit is also very fragrant.
It is Rich in vitamin C and has also medicinal properties as it prevents diarrhea and urinary infection.
The mangosteen fruit is used as summer drink in South Asian countries.


Cherimoya is a native to Andes mountain range between Argentina and Chile. It is one of rare fruits grown in South America. The pulpy, cherimoya tastes very sweet and has a pleasant fragrance.

Cherimoya contains essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The pulp of this fruit is used in ice cream tops and salads. Cherimoya helps you to balance blood pressure and heart rate.

One thing about this fruit is that it is not commonly found in markets outside south America.


This fruit is one of the oldest known fruit to human. It is also called the blow fish fruit. Inside the fruit look like that of a regular cucumber and has a similar taste to cucumber but more acidic in nature. The outer shell contains vitamin C.
It reduces the severity of heart burn and eczema. It also reduces kidney problem and regulates blood pressure.


Jabuticaba is a rare, purple colored fruit native to Southeastern Brazil. Unlike other fruits, it grows on the bark of its tree.This fruit looks like grapes but has tougher outer skin.
This fruit has a white pulp and is used to make jams, jellies and sweet.
It can be used in the treatment of diarrhea and asthma.

Fruits are nature’s candy. Live in each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink and taste the fruits…

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