Will you marry me?

Not just because I need you, or because I want you.
But because you’re the best thing for me, beautiful.
With you I’m this happy and complete piece, filled with hopes.
I have my best memories with you B. And I want that forever.
I know it won’t be a straight up, no curve joyful ride.
But we have always had our twist and turn and managed to surf the tirade,
the sea of emotions and reaction to bag of stones life throws at us.
My hearts are raising and I don’t know how to say it perfectly.
But I do know I want to be with you for the rest of my darling life.
Onitemi! Ayanfe! The epitome of beauty, will you marry me ?


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Olaitan Adedayo

A reflection of my society, A mirror and myriad of phenomena, Young aspiring writer, Student, Believer, common man and many more . Hope my works impress you. Please always leave a comment.


Germane · July 2, 2019 at 9:00 am

Great piece!!!

Ibukunoluwa · July 2, 2019 at 9:22 am

This is really really cool ❤️ I’d love to read more of your poems 💃🏻

    Olaitan Adedayo · July 3, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Thanks boss

    Olaitan Adedayo · July 3, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Thank you boo. I will send you more of it

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