A man who dine, toil and live for now,
will live, but only in his now.
And man who live in now for later,
Will live forever, for his is hereafter.
We are memories, a collection of doing.
The ups, the down, the pain, the gain
The story we live and story we live to tell.
We are big font with head and arms,
living letters equipped with thinking.
Some will write amazing stories
Other’s story amazing not, but indeed
we are all memories.
We are all memories,
a collection of time lived , time observed
and time forgotten. For humans don’t die,
the body does , it’s rotten and turn to dust.
Humans live forever in tale told,
From mouth to mouth,
From generation to generation.
We are memories, living in spoken words.

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Olaitan Adedayo

A reflection of my society, A mirror and myriad of phenomena, Young aspiring writer, Student, Believer, common man and many more . Hope my works impress you. Please always leave a comment.

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LhexxzydBard · July 20, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Indeed, you have created a memory that helps to immortalise you in my heart. I love this succinct piece of yours for it appeals to my heart.

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