My fan is at one
So slow but steady
Heat still on high
Weak to the bone
Why? – Can’t high!
Meningitis approaching…

Here She approaches
With Her cool breath
Like water on Tom Tom
Like Araminta Ross turned Harriet
She relieves the death sentence
With no water-crossing but act of
Going to my fan base and taking it to the highest
Ha! Yes.

Refreshed and rebirthed,
I stepped out in style- Unique
Better than Crystal and Davy

Tensed? my number one fan won fan me
She won me millions in lieu of my tens

I won my fan
Not by Hally’s SG
Nor by Roach’s phonology
But by the art of poetry

The art directed her heart
Towards my qualms to save my he(art)
From perishing in the brooding art

Voila! My fan number one!

Elijah Alade

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1 Comment

  • mary ovanja
    Posted May 30, 2020 at 5:42 pm 0Likes

    Nice one!

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