I need to balance up this account
The account of where I keep
In my heart, mind or soul.

My left leg is taller than my right,
How can I walk without
Dancing to the
Rhythm of your melodious cry?

My right ear is wider than the left
I’m unable to hear you
Right, since
You left.

You came when I was gone
You started your game
When we won
We were one, now one and a half
The sheet is not balanced
Like the load on Amukun’s head
When the neck is bent, the load will be sloppy

Compensate my toiling
Reciprocate my care
Trim my wide ears and fill my short leg
Make my story of you complete as my audience are

Balance me, Lady!
I need the change!

©Elijah Alade


*The movement is germane to minds

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