Childhood was all blissful picture and a whole party of fun time.
There was enough time not to worry about paying your fast running bills.
The only worries you think of are school assignments and probably house chores.
Now we all know how to do assignments big enough to pay these bills
But ignorance is bliss, or tell me who doesn’t miss trudging gently,
with amicable smile on their beautiful little face, hands in pocket
protecting the Two naire meant for smoked fish , garri ,ice-water & sugar
on a hot afternoon , after school. And Joyously dancing in the rain with our panties.
Now we are in our twenties and it a shame to say “hey I don’t have twenty naire”
Salute to the 90’s kids who knows what Suwe, Okoto, monkey post, Police and thief and others really mean.

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