Since she lost her mother, father and two brothers to the cold hands of death on December 2, 2000 and a seer told her that she would die very soon, she had been dodging anything that could lead to death.
She wasn’t a smoker, nor a night crawler, she wasn’t the argument type( once a conversation was leading to an argument, she was out). To be sure of her the status of her health, she had a doctor who always ran medical tests on her every month. she had timetable for food and sleep. she was always careful.
Just recently, she was on her way to IBADAN, though she had vowed never to travel by road anymore, but that was an official assignment which was very urgent and important. She had lost trust in others when it comes to driving, so she took to the wheels herself. She decided to use her private Toyota Camry, 2013 model instead of the exotic benz given to her by the company (Turtle Global Concept).
She drove as slow as 20km/h. Hundreds of cars cruised pass her within an hour but she didn’t mind. She believed in a Yoruba saying ‘ Asáré tete kìí kojá ilè, arìngbẹ̀rẹ̀ kò nì sùn sọ́nà’  meaning ‘one who speeds will not go beyond their destination and the slow one won’t make the road a sleeping mat’. When hooked in traffic along Lagos-Ibadan express way, she made sure there was a few meter space between her car and the one before.
A few kilometres to Ibadan, a terrible accident occurred, the scene was so pathetic as lives were lost. A space bus had hit a Toyota Camry car, it was so serious that the two cars were like trashed papers. She watched the saddening scene as she remembered the accident that claimed the lives of her loved ones, in which only her survived.
She drove pass when she gained consciousness from her deep thought.
Finally, she was at the hotel where the meeting was to hold. The building was all red, “So strange” she thought. She noticed a big sign post carrying the name of the hotel “REDDY HOTELS AND SUITES” just by the gate. The gate was opened by two men in uniform (white shirts and red trousers). At half-way in, one of the men approached her with something looking like a big round mirror (a bomb detector), he checked round the car and even told her to open the car trunk, which she did.
After parking at the lot, she noticed a 2018 Range Velar SUV which matched her husband’s; same number plate, same colour, ” it’s the one“, she finally concluded. She was puzzled, “Badmus ought to be in Abuja”. Badmus and she met at at the birthday party of the chairman of FONT BEVERAGES, about five years before. He was putting on a yellow T-shirt and a jean trousers, she could remember vividly, their marriage clocked two years, a week before all that. Early that day, Badmus and Juliet his wife had spoken via telephone conversation as they lived apart,they used to be together until Badmus got transferred to Abuja. Juliet told her husband that she would be travelling for some official assignment. Badmus didn’t tell her he was in Ibadan already for a supervisory project, he was tensed but never knew his wife’s meeting would be in the hotel where he lodged. Two ladies were brought to make him feel good by his host, he happily accepted them with open hands.
After a while, Juliet walked into the building(still baffled) and went straight to the receptionists. “Good afternoon, where are the NGOs holding their meeting, please?” She asked, a door was pointed to her, ” Conference room” was wrtten on it. As she turned to go there, she saw her husband with two ladies, his hands which were around their waists dropped like a deflated balloon. While he felt like disappearing into the thin air, his wife felt all should be a dream. Juliet remembered all promises made by the man she was looking at, “I will never allow any other woman into my life, just you”.  She was breathing fast and heavily, at that moment, she thought nothing of death as she went down on her back.

DEATH IS A KISMET, the more you run from it, the more it moves closer to you.

©Elijah Alade

I am germane

The is germane to minds

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    I really think one can’t get bored of reading your works . Been awhile this is something

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