It was the end of the school term hence the whole of Jehinde central high school was in jubilee mood, especially Femo and his friend whose plan was to have a secret soccer match against the town kids during long break at a secluded area after the school farm .
With his football kit, after the time keeper rang the bell for breaktime, Femo as Adefemi Adifala is popularly called by his class mate, dodged Mr too short, the only displinarian around the block, made his way behind the cafeteria and head straight for the school farm, where the match will be held.
“You are always the late comer egbon” James the tallest of the squad remarked jokingly.
The artificial soccer pitch was long enough to contain ten boys from both sides, with iron goal post so there is a goalie. It is a sand field but has little stubborn grass scattered in different portion on the field, behind the sand pitch is just a walkable distance is a little river flowing from the town main river, which allow them to clean their body and returned to school without been noticed.
The match kick started and Tubosun, the town chief son,acted as the referee.
“Poooooooo” he whisstled
Jehinde boys was at the defensive end for the first half of the match, they had chosen tail but the referee showed head after he tossed the coin. They tussled for the ball but the town boys were both physically and skillfully better coming with 4:4:2 formation, they passed the ball from one end to another keeping the Jehinde boys at the middle of the tip tap before heading for the defence. James the tallest of the Jehinde boys acting as defensive dyno, rock , stopper and central back moved for the ball after Ashilokun dribbled pass the other two contiguous defenders but his agitation was unsuccessful and the brilliant attacker kick the ball to the angle ninety of the post beyond the goalies reach.
Five minutes later the Jehinde boys were three zero down and it was almost time for half time, seun one of the players for Jehinde was brought down in the box eighteen of the town boys, the referee awarded a penalty kick and a red card to dismiss the assailant defender. Joshua the team captain took the penalty, kicking the ball with brutal rage, accurate and proficient calculation he placed the over patched white turn brown spherical rubber ball towards the left vertical iron post and it is a GOAL!!!!!!. The goal keeper while stretching to save the ball hit his head against the post so he was replaced.
Three one down the Jehinde boys made two substitions and kick the ball to start the second half of the match, with the advantage of short one and weak goaliee for the Jehinde boys against the town boys. The Jehinde boys trys to retained the ball in the middle of the field for Femo, the striker to have a better position in the defence of the town boys , then Taiwo sent an up through and the ball was controlled with chest by Femo, snake bite for first person to come forward, get away from next three with three sixty and entered the box eighteen with five round leg over, kick the ball with ferocious force but unfortunately the goaliee with the tip of his hand after stretching averted the goal,
he directed the ball away from the post, it rolled to the line behind the goal post and the referee called for corner kick.
Seun took a shot pass from the corner angle to remy who flung the ball upward in the direction of the eighteen towards the waiting attackers and defenders, Femo being the lightest of the much sprang up hit the ball with a Scorpio kick this time the shot cursor filled to red bar and with players blocking the goal keeper it rolled into the post without a net and it is a GOAL!!!! .
From three one, the Jehinde team is now a goal away from equaliser. The sensation was the same with Liverpool supporter during the 2005 champions league final against AC Milan before getting the last equalising goal, a match equalised from three zero down, it was euphoric like the ephemeron joy of the Juventus champions league team and their supporter of 2018 , the moment lingers inside the Jehinde boys creating a fantastic fantasy, a priceless moment like lifting the world cup trophy. They are about to make an electrifying history today without Sony on Cannon cameras to record it, commentator to give the match analysis to the crowd, enormous spectators to cheer them on, a means of replaying the moment except in their minds or even proper pitch.
Five minute towards the end of the match, the field was buzzing with fast action from both end. One to defend the lead and the other to equalize the match . Adeniyi Jehinde central midfielder pass a quick one to Femo, who did a fake flip flop, a nutmeg and the ball rolled under the defenders ball, between his legs. Firmly protecting the ball he sprint into the eighteen of the town boys again, this time he was knocked down from behind by a macho man name Yusuf and
“Poooooooooorrrr” the lanky referee with skodo haircut awarded another penalty kick .
Looks like the clone history is going to be completed but Femo is faintly conscious.
“Femo Femo how many fingers is this” the referee having pointed two finger to his sight but without waiting for answer from the injured player everybody on the pitch ran as fast as their leg could carry them, some into the nearby bush others Into the river.
“Kpaash kpaash splaaash taarsssh ” sound coming from the ‘Atori’ hitting Femo as he was flogged to full consciousness.
” Didnt you hear the bell? Are you suppose to be here at all? Mr too short continued to bark, springing his “rod of correction”, as he named his eight ft long black “atori”,back and forth regardless of where it fell on the mischievous student. Femo after his jelly ebony fresh skin received half dozen and a quarter, realised the situation and ran towards any direction in all directions to save himself from the raining strokes.




Elijah studied English in University Of Ilorin. He has ardour for writing poems and short stories; he has over a hundred pieces in these genres to his name. He nicknamed himself "Germane" as a result of his frequent use of the English word. He says: "Art is my heart".


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This is a very nice piece of work.

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    This is a nice piece. Brings back high school I didn’t play ball o
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Nice short story bro.βœοΈπŸ‘ It was a reminisce of the days i use to play street football with passion. 😁

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