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Happy new glorious months dear readers. And Happy Workers day to fellow Nigerians. To kick off the months and celebrate every Nigerian breaking sweat everyday because of their needs, theme of second Pen users challenge for the year is Laziness. My phone dictionary defines laziness  as “the quality of been unwilling to work or use energy; idleness. Well an idle  man is the devils workshop but not only that, an idle man is a pest to the society. Gbe body e! Ku si be! Time is fast and it wait for no man. Update yourself before you’re outdated 👌🏾. A lazy man has nothing to say in the gathering of veterans but to count his toes while nodding affirmatively and gullibly to whatever they say.

We hope the follow pieces will stoke a more progressive you . Enjoy 😉 .


“AIMING HIGHER” by Germane

I rest restlessly, waiting for what to devour
Like the moses’ led.

I sit seatlessly under an iroko tree
Waiting to ascend to the top with the world at my glance.

I dream dreamlessly on my bedbugged mattress naked by tears and torns
That I won the Laurel with this piece
Written in my indolent and ardourless state.

How shall this dream be the locus of my song
When my song is not the focus of my dream?




“CHIEF OF WALL STREET” by Lytanoomar
I remember the Chief of Wall Street used to say “Failure hath a daughter , she’s an addictive and comforting Sissy.
Her name is Laziness, I was at her naming. And I promise you,
she’ll makes you rest in time of your distress. While others work,
your two feet will be on one end of the sofa , head for the other .
Forgetting the needful and calm as a still cheerful afternoon ocean .
But When bills finally knock on your door , when the payment for the luxurious time is due,
You will be found romancing her , her lips on your man seed,
no dime to spare , just time to bare the hunger and misery.
That follows, accompanied by wretchedness , penury and hardship”
We will all smile afterwards and get back at working the stocks.





“UNTITLED” by Zamzon

Uneducated literate
All knowledge a thought away
Actions stalled by inactions
A deliberate obstacle.

Mind-numbing phenomena
Thinking always! Expressing not!
Always in search of knowledge
But never contributing!

Myths, legends, supernaturals and freaks of nature
All I thirst for
Fantasy-A peaceful abode
Reality-A pleasurable hell

No motivation to contribute
No force pushing for action
Some call it laziness
I call it existing!!!




“MY AFTERTHOUGHT” by Lhexxybard

“…You are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment…”

The statement that almost got me collapsed in the court room some months ago, despite my family’s influence, I could not wash off the mess. Each time I remember this statement, my mind kept presenting how I had spent my past few years as though it was yesterday.

I was born with a silver spoon, as it is popularly said, where I had all I needed at my finger tip, this was when I was in my tender age till the last lap of my teen age.

At my teen age, father sang to me a particular line of a popular Yoruba poem which is translated to mean”…your mother may be rich, your father may be wealthy, if you depend on them you shall lose…” I doubted the possibility of this until dad said one day when I was reported by my head teacher and my boss that, I had not been attending classes. He said: “I was trained by my father to work diligently, and dexterously to be successful in life, I was also told to channel every opportunity that comes my way towards a successful turnout… I applied this strategy to my life, now see where I have found myself… Listen and listen good, I have willed 80% of my property to the less privilege, and left 20% for you and your brother. This will only cater for your start up…”

I thought he was joking, until the month later, he was no more, I cried bitterly for I was unaware that he had been nurturing a kidney problem, he did well in hiding it as he travelled abroad for his medications. After the burial service, the will was read, lo and behold, dad was right.

My brother and I got our little percentage, he set for a business firm, I got my money but never knew where to begin, I opted in for my printing firm, I got the machines hired operators and a manager, because I only knew the basics, the firm was going well (I presumed) until some months back when I arrived from a two-month trip and realized that the manager had been managing the company in wreck, the money he had been sending was the profit he made from the sale of my machines.

Well he should be dining with his ancestors presently while I live to regret my actions for housing “laziness”.

I am now the one who realizes his mistake after death.




We’ll see you all at the top 💪🏾.






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    What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively useful and it has helped
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    Fantastic one

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    what a nice write up!

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