The cock crows, the dawn breaks,
..I pick my pen to write, my pain from my dreams,
I can’t seem to find the right words, document my afflictions to the world
Would they even read it?
Would you even read it?
I’m numb from the pain, my emotions are severed..
I can’t love no more, I can’t feel no more,
Pain is no man’s best friend, pain makes no one stronger,
If y’all could listen to my pain..through my words,
I have holes that needs to be filled,
I have dreams too, I have passion..
..but the pain weakens my poor soul,
..but I can’t reach out, I need to hold it in,
..and hope it doesn’t go wrong.
A voice in my head haunts me..
..with words I’ve lost meaning for.. says violently
“..many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD delivers them from it all”
..why is mine different? I an exception? Have I transgressed so much I’ve been erased from HIS radar?
As weak as it maybe, I still have hope..
..its thinning out, my soul is weak
..but the sun will shine again,
..and my pain will dry out !

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