‘The weak man is good’
‘No! The robber is better’
My questioning gave a disturbing question
You chose the weak because he bows twice and three times?
You chose the robber so he could bless you with his fortune?
All I hear in my gridlocked head is ‘ Let the power change!’
All I perceive in my heart is ‘let’s have a sour taste!’

The choice is not theirs to make, yet they rant ‘enough is enough’
A million people united in foolishness, yet they chant ‘OUR MUMU DON DO’
One masters with differing styles but same content – MONISTS

Taking them to the next level? I see redundancy!
Better? I see worse!
I see with my heart
Never doubt my vision
‘Break the umbrella:
Burn the broom…’
All are to noth…
Since fresh air is not refreshing,
What can?

The best are not running;
The runners are not best.


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