It is with utmost displeasure and irksomeness that I am disgorging the present political Melo-dramas with brightly shot scenes which are presently gracing our TV screens and radio systems in Nigeria on a daily basis.
On the recent news of Senator Dino Melaye jumping out of a police vehicle in order to evade arrest is nothing but a preposterous, brusque and an anomalous way of staging another reality show for Nigerians who just recently concluded watching the popular Big Brother Naija reality show. It is quite unfortunate that a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria who is part and parcel of the process of making laws for a peaceful Nigeria was caught enmeshed and drowned in Such a scandalous attempt of trying to jump lawful arrest.
Moreover, it is very much saddening to spill my ink taking our minds back to the several controversies in which Dino had sunk himself into in the time- past, ranging from his feud with Remi Tinubu, the rancours and arguments over his certificate, his never ending feud with Yakubu Bello, to mention but a few.
It is no news that one of his quirks is to parade himself as a “political Goliath” before the national Assembly who find it hard often times to produce a “David” to challenge some of his irrational pontifications and “political scallywaginess”.
It is unfortunate that the several actions and inactions of our leaders have been left in a bitter- sweet glow of an unending limbo, left,forgotten and sometimes left uncriticized . Some of their thuggish, grumpy and obstinate manners of behaving which are supposed to be grimly quelled have been appraised by fans who are not even rich enough to buy laurels for these dissolute conducts . However, some political slobbering Nigerians have lounged themselves in a glamorous lassitude! It is high time we turned out in hordes to put a stop to the torpid and tottering move of our political consciousness.
One might be tempted to say that ” why would he attempt an escape if he isn’t having a skeleton in his golden cupboard ( about the allegations levelled against him) Moreover, what moral lesson is the so called “senator of the federal republic” dishing out to youths who are aspiring to be in his shoes someday? These and many other bothering questions call for an urgent and quick consideration.
On the other hand, it has been argued that it is rather impossible for him to jump out of a police vehicle and that his actions are all carefully calculated in order to evade his appearance in Lokoja- where his dare-devil, Governor Bello Yakubu has pitched his residential tent!!!.
We cannot help but hope, keep-watch and pray that these comical movies of the 21st century ends soon!

©Obadofin Adedeji

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