1. By Adeyeri Waliu Olalekan

The world is not only a global village as we often comment, it is a “Google world” where answers to all questions are readily available. The platform is so useful that some can not do without visiting it everytime they have unanswered questions bothering their minds.

However, myriads of argument have been raised for and against the contributions of this platform to the academic lives of students. Some are of the belief that it makes students lazy and unable to think creatively and innovatively while finding solutions to problems. While some resolved that it is a platform that aids easy and swift interpretation of academic problems: “Just Google it”.

However, it is to be noted that, of the criticisms raised towards the rightness or wrongness of the platform, the right functions supersede the wrong. (Before the attack/chastisement) The platform is just a system that needs man-power to function, therefore, the user determines the rightness or wrongness of the website.

This piece is a shout-out to every Google scholar who knows how to surf this platform for every answer to their questions. They don’t plagiarise, they paraphrase, quote and properly cite the author(s). The Google scholars are never afraid of any tedious question: “Just Google it” is the statement that befriends their mouths. The Google scholars know the right keywords to search in order to make the platform provide accurate responses.

The Google scholars stand on the shoulders of Giants while they dine with sages. Kudos to every sagacious scholar who knows how to surf the online library for every material needed to proffer solution to any academic problem.

What they say is:
“Just Google it!!!”


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