Reports from the Genesis:
The earth was in peace and ease, and
Like friends the horizon was close to it,
Words were beautiful, that the world was lit.
The best of Architects, busy all day
For the best he shall convey.

If this be not error,
What is it?
When man’s image struck the Architect minds,
Angels rebel, for a doom envisaged.
Mud mixed with breath and life in man was borne,
In ignorance, man in peace lived
Until knowledge blindfolds man’s patience
He rebels against Him that creates all,
Curse became the last resort,
And the Paradise was lost and things fall apart.

The earth, a home it turns
For man to dome.
The earth, a field it turns
For the test of sophisticated tools
As many fall and some stands HIGH over others.

In this little earth!
Brothers hack brothers;
Sisters bite sisters,
Mother knows not her ward,
Father disowns his family,
Homes become unknown
Love turns resentment
Truthfulness turns false
Happiness turns sorrow
Peace turns disorder,
Leaders mislead followers,
Followers hate Leaders
Even nature rebels man.
The Angels must have envisaged rightly,
The Architect should have listened.

In this little earth, peace can be reclaimed –
When love prevails, resentment can be disowned.
Falsehood shall be enslaved as truth will be crowned.

*LHEXXZYDBARD* scribbled this🖊
(c) August, 2018

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1 Comment

  • Stanford Vormelker
    Posted October 15, 2018 at 12:10 pm 0Likes

    Black on black in the Charger I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini

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