I am a Good Boy, it keeps ringing in my head everyday,
Forget the past, forget the evils, try and pave a new way,
Kind hearted, Caring, Friendly, Sweet, Compassionate like an infant,
Although my past haunts me, I want to turn back, erase it all but I can’t.

So many distinct characteristics of the child,
Birthed to two astounding individuals, caring and mild,
Raised by the path of the holy three,
Dedicated to the word of the book that held the divine spree.

What happens when the Lamb goes astray?
What happens when the chick goes to feed at the bin where its ancestors perished?
What happens when the dog refuses to listen to the Hunter’s whistle?
What happens to the mouse that bells the cat?

Thrown between two worlds, the good and bad,
Each with its advantages that the other negates,
Choose! This stern voice in my head screams,
Decide your path or suffer the wrath.

I opted for the bad at first, broke the other gender’s heart like cake,
Became Sango’s tributary in making
Pursued lust like I had lost it,
The man of the hour, guy of the moment.

Then it dawned on him, it all was a façade
The toll took effect on him, he wore and tore,
Pity caught up with him, went out looking for redemption,
He had changed his path, his orientation.

Now he’s redeemed and redefined,
Not completely good in a whim but in the making,
The effort is proof enough for him to claim,




Elijah studied English in University Of Ilorin. He has ardour for writing poems and short stories; he has over a hundred pieces in these genres to his name. He nicknamed himself "Germane" as a result of his frequent use of the English word. He says: "Art is my heart".

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‘Kiitan · April 18, 2018 at 3:17 pm

This is lovely…more of God’s grace

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