I thought this was all about the Love
But for you it was all about the Sex
I thought we would fit like Gloves
But in the end I’ll become just another Ex

Little did I suspect your motivation
While we were both in bed responding to Locomotion
It wasn’t a matter of dedication
And soon within a flash, then came separation

Love and Sex go hand in hand
I was unaware, now my feelings have to pay the cost
You were so unreal with me and so bland
I’m sorry self, I fell for her lust

It would have been great be if it had lasted for one night
Maybe in the morning I’d have seen the light
But it turned out so wrong, I’m here trying to make it right
On the other hand, damn your cat was so freaking tight

The only thing left to wish is Godspeed without the mood,
I was never needed, I was just your tool
You wanted nothing more than my hard wood
I’m fine with that, we’ll keep things cool.




Elijah studied English in University Of Ilorin. He has ardour for writing poems and short stories; he has over a hundred pieces in these genres to his name. He nicknamed himself "Germane" as a result of his frequent use of the English word. He says: "Art is my heart".

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