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THE ANIMAL IN THEM by Elijah Alade #Germane

He did sit and do nothing.
He waited on his wife’s peanut insurance
While others were giving 45m assurance.
The only thing he did was to give her painful moaning
And add some punches to make it end in mourning.
This usually happened when She was set for work in the morning

“What happened? “they’d ask.
It was a bike accident.
She continued to bask
In her predicament.

But NO, it wasn’t for long.
She turned wild one of these days
When he began his animalistic acts:
She passed a sharp knife through him
Off he fell like a lion shot by a hunter

He was wild!
She was wilder!
What will become of their children?
They are witnesses.

Opeyemi Adesina

Nine months
Heated to be human
Walked on legs not mine
A pampering world I thought
Forlorn, all I got

Never failed
But, never the first
The cause of my annual pain

In love
Strange cause of my action
Blind to the cut and tears and whip and torture of heart chase

Already damaged

By the way I was taught.


FLEE FROM THE BEAST by Tanimola Femi Emmanuel #Femkeyz

“`She wakes up battered
Swollen face,tortured and sad soul as always
She has her heart shattered
Still She strives to smile in anguish all days
Who is she?.,Iya Bashira!

Why would you not give yourself Peace of mind?
why rebel against the brutal baba Bashira?
You’re a woman and shall never have a say
What’s wrong when a man disciplines his wife?
Alas!, these are the words of the society where nothing works,should she endure for life?
Is it until she takes her last breath?

He who will always beat you and send little bashira rigorous works
He who derives plenty pleasure in violence
Would you not just let him hold his post as the beast of the house?
Think about Bashira
Don’t let her be bred in emotional agony!
Let her feeble mind not be tortured!

If for no reason,consider your fragile daughter,
And for your good life,let him have his ways
Create Cute and lovely world of happiness for yourself
Just leave him till the beast in him dies,
Then there shall be tangible tranquility!

And to you wild beast,have you no heart?
If your home is in disarray and void of peace
You are as good as dead!,have you no brain to think?
Desist from your evil ways before it’s too late
Do not ruin your own future!““


By Hannah Jagiri :

Lying on the floor reminiscing,reminiscing on how I met the beast,It was on a cold Saturday, a night for lovers,I met him at a dinner party, he had the looks every lady wants,his lips begged to be kissed,and his eyes held a million emotions. We began dating, we were love sick,I was stupid in love. His proposal was epic,I found it romantic, he proposed on a cruise ship,he made me feel special with the love poem he wrote for me. We got married in a little church, spent our honeymoon lost in each other’s embrace. After two years of marriage,you decided to show your beastly nature, the lips you got drunk kissing is now sore from the slaps you generously give, The body you once traced with your tongue is filled with purple and black bruises due to the countless beatings and the body part you so worshipped has turned to a playground you forcely enter. With a blood shot eye and a broken arm,it has become quite evident that I married a beast.


The last time she cried
Rosy cheeks turned life’s fool
The last time she cried
Enchanting eyes turned ocean of regrets

I watched her from afar
I watched her make muffled noises ,So as not to wake her life support
I watched her hide the scars underneath heavy layers of war paint
I now know where she gets her beauty marks

The last time she cried,I saw the way she kept staring at the knife
Like the way Christians look up to Jesus
The last time she cried,I couldn’t watch much longer,I had to go to her
Such an enchanting smile she gave me when she said
“Baby,the monster can’t hurt us no more, he is locked in our memories”
That was when I saw him,lying in the pool of his own blood

The last time she cried
Was the last she ever cried.


MY LIFE: BROKEN AND SHATTERED by Babatunde Sodiq Olalekan #Nebu

I opened my eyes finally after four days of being in a state of coma only to find different tubes and wires connected to my body. I wanted to sit down properly but the intense pain that shoots into my body and the raging headache in my head drew me back. Then I started thinking of the reason why I was lying so helplessly. I racked my blank brain several times but nothing was coming forth and I was already giving up when I remembered!. I remembered and I strongly wished I could close my eyes and die and go to somewhere very far where pains and the troubles of life will not reach me.
The story of my life is very complicated and saddening that I cant even talk to people about it but write on this piece of paper to at least ease my heart from it’s burdens and tell the world how I have been molested, maltreated and mistreated by my witch of a wife. Do not let me bore you with the emotions and thoughts running through me but rather delve into the story of my life.
My name is Sunmola Oluwagbenga. I am twenty years old. I was born into a poor family of seven who couldn’t even manage to eat two times in a day. I am the last born of my parents and the only male child. My parents struggled to make sure I have everything I want thereby denying my sisters of their needs. Everything I touch becomes mine, all I wish for comes to reality, I don’t want this anymore, I want another one were the only words in my mouth then. My parents did everything to make sure I am always more than satisfied even if they had to go beg or steal because I was their only male child. Little did I know that they were doing more harm to me than good and will later contribute to the mishaps and calamity that has made my life turned upside down.
I grew up to be a spoilt poor kid among my sisters who also grew up to hate me as I was the only one getting every attention.I was the only one enrolled into a school as my father would say “Girls end up in the kitchen school or no school” My sisters were always there to terrorize and beat the hell out of my life when my parents are not around then I run into their arms crying when they come back telling them how I have been treated. My father would take his deadly koboko out and flog everyone of them until our poor house is full of wailings and bitter cries. Yet, my sisters didn’t stop making my life a hellish one until I left home for my secondary school.
It was really difficult leaving home for my boarding secondary school. I couldn’t bear parting with my parents whom I was so much attached to but we parted with tears and farewell when the bus moved. My stay in secondary school was really more than a hell for me. Though I pass my exams well enough, I was a quiet, shy and reserved boy who likes doing things on his own but this did not go down well with the other students. I went through so many beatings and bullying from them and I particularly feared the girls the most because they remind me of my sisters back home. I was a weakling who only depends on his parents for protection and care.
My trials really began when my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my junior school waec examination. They had rallied round all to no avail until one of the persons whom my mother does laundry for, Mrs Ajeleti Rebecca, a middle aged wealthy woman who has a seventeen year old niece,Bola, decided to assist when my mother ran to her for help. The woman didnt stop in just paying for my junior waec, she also helped in other expenses like feeding, pocket allowance, textbooks and materials, everything to the extent that she even enrolled my sisters into schools and sends money to my parents every week for up keeping. She was really a God sent angel who eased my family’s sufferings and took poverty away from us. I became so much attached to her too like I did with my parents and i worshipped her like a goddess. It was after the completion of my secondary school that she dropped the bombshell to my parents…She wanted her niece to marry me!!!. We were of the same age!!!. My family was flabbergasted, as something like that is so unheard of. The woman threatened to take away every thing she has given us and jail my parents for any charge she can nail them with if I refuse to marry her niece, Bola.
As a weakling again, who cant think or decide for himself, I was given in marriage to Bola by my parents who cajoled me into accepting as I was told we will never become poor again as far as I’m married to her. My dear readers you may be doubting or wondering if this really happened. It did! It happened!!. Bola was a terror from the beginning and she assumed the role of the husband while I took up the role of the wife. She used me like a rag, like a piece of trash, like I’m nothing but an animal. I run errands for her, cook soups, clean the house, get raped by her anytime, anywhere. My wife made me do things that are unthinkable and I get beaten to a pulp each time I aroused her anger. I reported her to her aunt once but she waved it away and told me point blank to keep my mouth shut about it. My parents of course, advised me to keep enduring as the money will stop coming to them if I end the marriage. Bola made my life a living hell for three good years and I continued to take it all until that fateful day when matters came to a head.
I had slept off on the sofa in the sitting room after a tiring day, working in the house. Bola had entered seeing me sleeping. She woke me up with a deafening slap that can make a ghost rise from the grave, shouting obscenities at me. I jolted up with a shock and was so angry for the first time in my life that I slapped her back three times!!!. Bola was dazed for a moment, then she ran furiously into the kitchen and came out with a sharp knife gliittering with light at the edge and before I could stop her or say jack, she sticked the knife straight into my manhood in her mad fury. Before I could feel the pain, she removed the knife with force and stabbed me again in my stomach, and she kept on stabbing and stabbing. My whole body was in sharp acute intense pains and I fell down unconscious in my own pool of blood only to open my eyes and find myself in an hospital.
I will try my best to put back the broken pieces of my life together though I cant urinate on my own again except with tubes. I will divorce the devilish girl of a wife and run away from my parents. It may be difficult….I don’t know what will be in stock for me in the future. All I know is that I will struggle to stand up on my feet and fight against domestic violence of other people like me. Its not too late.
Will you do the same? My dear readers….


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