“Amodu! Amodu!! where is this stupid boy? He shouted.
He Entered his compound with his newly bought black pimped tokunbo Benz. Mr Williams helped himself in, in absence of the security man. He parked and head straight for the main house. He encountered a male brown sued shoe, just immediately after entering the duplex. He found his wife scarf and the blue blouse, he left her on, on the couch, in the sitting room. Mr Williams Solanke is a bank manager at Guarantee Trust Bank Ikeja , a well to do Nigerian. A gentle and soft spoken Caramel skin tone lanky fellow, with the let the hell loose character that comes with Lagosians . It was obvious he could not contain his anxiety has he proceed to the inner chamber. His agitation rocketed immediately he heard the sound coming from his matrimonial bedroom.
“Ma you have to lie properly to get the best of this”. A male voice in the room.
“Its really painful. its becoming unbearable “. Mrs Williams Solanke’s voice.
“Don’t worry just do as told, I will make it enjoyable.. It won’t be as painful”. The male voice.
Mr Williams almost ran mad on the spot.
“This is too much, my wife, my only wife” he kept repeating has he climbed up the zigzag staircase as fast as he could but bump his head against the pillar , lost his step, rolled backward and hit his leg against the wall. He groaned for a while , relinquishing himself of the loads he was carry, to regain his strength . He was alerted few seconds after, by her voice, crying out again.
“It’s painful , it’s painful ah ahah hahah”.
Her voice echoed all over the road but sounded gazillion times in his head. He gathered momentum , picked up the basket and head for the stairs, once again.
As he limp upward on the stairs, the pain from his head , kneel and toe were subdued by the sporadic noise coming from his matrimonial bed room.
“Ouch. Oh. Ah ah ah ah ah. Jesus Jesus Jesus. My vagina is on fire. Oh oh”. The sounds from his wife kept coming.
“Take it easy ma. Just endure. We are almost done. Spread the leg properly.” With the male voice accompanying her’s.
He took his final step reluctantly , as the sounds kept displaying visually in his mind. He couldn’t bare it , he couldn’t stand it. He relaxed somewhat after taking the last step. Breath in , breath out and dashed full force for the door knob , forgetting everywhere it hurt. In his body and mind.
“Spread your laps very well it would be painful like this ” the male voice again.
Mr Williams Opened the door thuggishly , dropped the baby care product he was carrying and look towards the man on his wife. He said and asked immediately:
“Dr James I don’t know you can come here in that short notice. I’m so worried. Will she be alright? Have you seen my security man ? Why is she in so much pain? Can it be less painful please . Please will she be alright?
Mr William bombard doctor James with salvo of questions.
“Don’t worry . She will be fine . I had to leave the event I was because you said she is in labor. And I’m so sorry about the teaching university, we can’t resume work until the government pay our dues. I sent your security man to get me some drugs”. The doctor responded as hurriedly as he could.
Few hours later , the doctor came to announce the birth of a set of twins, to a sweaty mr William Solanke and his agitated mother. They rejoiced to the birth of the first two girls , in four generations.

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  • Abisola
    Posted April 1, 2019 at 10:05 am 0Likes

    So captivating, I can’t help reading this over and over.

    • Jennifer
      Posted April 2, 2019 at 5:11 am 0Likes

      Hilarious! Totally didn’t see that coming. Nice. Would love to read more.

  • Elijah
    Posted April 1, 2019 at 9:44 am 0Likes


    Perfect description. Apt title!

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