The public silence has been broken . Human beings should come with a transparent flesh , so we can see what their inside look like. Ha the eyes are wicked , they have refused to see the wicked for who he is . The nose is also a culprit , it refused to smell the actions of the wicked . Ha humans are evil. Apparently Soyinka’s farm workers had encountered some skeleton on his farm. Just nine month after his wife mysteriously disappeared. He has been arrested and we are on our way to the kings palace now . Such wickedness and cruelty can‘t go unpunished. Akinwolu omokunrin Ogun, he walked in like a vindicated man . We thought he was the villain , we thought he was the callous and wicked one . His each and every step sends chills down my spine and stamp guilt in everyone’s mind. Ha Abiamo tooto, sunre Abike . Alaafin is also triggered but it is such a delicate matter. It’s a case involving his most trusted adviser and his favorite chief and not to mention his grand daughter. Baba Obafemi is not on seat. He knows the judgement and he wouldn’t want to hear it. Soyinka is to be executed the very next morning. Such evil people needs to leave our society, his blood will be used to appease the gods. His head shall be severe from his body , at the ogun’s shrine .

The cock that crowed this morning was melancholic. It was deep and sharp . It was as if he knew the air is filled with innocent blood . It was as if he knew our Abike has been unjustly uprooted. We’ve all gathered here at the shrine, since the last cock crowed. Soyinka two hand are bonded with his leg , at his back. His neck was placed on a large stone to help the executioner get the perfect blow. A calabash is placed right underneath his head . This will collect his blood from his neck immediately his head is cut off. The executioner has raised his axe , and I can see the pity in Soyinka’s eyes . It feels like they are talking to me. It feels like they are telling me to come cut him lose . It feels like they are telling me to come tell everyone he is innocent. That he did not kill our Abike , okoto , eji loge , eyin fun jowo. But who is this pregnant woman running towards us , why is she so agitated like she has something new to say…Ha ! His head has been cut off . See his body dancing to the tune of death . A tune with no drum or song . A dance he wasn’t taught , yet he is dancing it perfectly. Look at him fighting the ropes , so he can throw his arms and leg the way he wills . See his blood splashing and oozing of wickedness . See his body and head apart like two strangers meeting for the first time. Tonight we shall sleep soundly and safely , a monstrous weed has been cut off from our society. Tonight we have avenged the death of our precious dancer.

Back at Akinwolu’s House, he is sitting on his bed, fully aware of his environ but yet eyes shut. He is a sad happy man . He has lost his jewels . His wife , his daughter all gone without good bye . But at least he got justice for his daughter , since he can’t sue God who took his wife ? Akin kaare. Someone is knocking at his door, it should be one of his well wishers , who has come to celebrate with him. He is moving toward the door to open it but before he could , he heard:
“Baa mi , are you at home . Have been to my house . My husband is not around”. A familiar voice came from the other end of the door. Akinwolu couldn’t believe his ears but then he opened the door , to be sure of what he thinks. Ha it’s Abike in full flesh and she is carrying a baby boy.
“Ha Abike how come ? Where have you been ? Is this you or your ghost ? Ha modeyi”. A confused Akinwolu bombard her with questions. She managed to explain everything. She told him on the fateful day she follow her husband to the farm , her mother appeared to her. She told her how her father had promise a certain demon human sacrifice if he could kill the historical lion . But failed to pledge his oath, hence the reason for the death of her mother. She said her mother came to warn her that the demon is coming for her too. She was instructed to leave the town without telling anyone , until she gives birth. She has been with her mother’s family all the while.
But how do we narrate this to her ? How do we tell her we all charge her husband with her murder ? How do we tell her , her husband was killed like ogun’s sacrificial dogs? Publicly and disgracefully executed? Scorned and shoved like a barren pig. Hmm Yet the elders says no conversation requires a knife but who is going to break this bloody kolanut?

Soyinka omo akin. A man of valor . You made a vow to uplift yourself without help. Yes you did , your wife told us . She said you were told to feed the poor in our society, to release yourself from the shackles of poverty. Soyinka, omo akin , you did and you became rich. But out of jealousy, curiosity , knowledge that is disturbing the wise and the cruel nature of faith we all accused you of killing your dearest wife for ritual . The dead tell no tales but we refused to listen to the living. You fought , you strived , you stood your ground but the callous and blind fate has refused you of your jewel. He stroke you down with a single swing of an axe. Your body and head sent apart like they were never together. Your corpse buried at the backyard of the village like an unwanted particle. You promise your wife a luxurious life , you got it all. But how is she going to enjoy this after losing her husband ? You did promised your father a grandson and here he is. Here is your boy been stroke , on the head , by his blind grandfather, who lost his sight crying to your demise. Osoyinka omo akin, maybe your coming late is because knew the world is full of cruel force , who will hurt you without look back. Who will detached you from your jewel with impunity.  OSOYINKA OMO AKIN , EKUN OKO ABIKE, SUN RE AKIN OLU-YOLE OYO.

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