*The recently conducted election by INEC has created a new case in Nigeria politics. Was the election free and fair ? So many of us keep asking, Nigerians want to know , the opposition party is clamoring for annulment of the result. The state of Nigeria politics was put on spot after INEC took days before announcing the winner of the just concluded election.
Earlier, the election that was scheduled for 16th of February was postponed , few hours before the election by the electoral board. This lead to war of attrition between the two major party , with each claiming the other is trying to rig the election. But the electoral board claims the drastic decision was due to insecurity in certain part of the country.
The election which was later held on 23rd of February led to death of many, with Rivers acting as Deadpool , been one the state with death toll. Also certain video clips showing scrupulous manipulation of data made their way to the internet. These acts includes INEC officials manipulating vote , ballot burning , disruption and other despicable activities. But we are yet to hear anything from the electoral board on this.

A huge Congratulations to the new Nigeria President, President Muhammad Buhari. We hope your excellency has enough installed for us, for the next 4years.
This is Enigmatic reporting live from Vibez Fm. Thank you for listening to the morning new…*

“Shayo! Enough of the news . Go get prepared for school”
“Ok ma”

Shayo is the only child of late mr&mrs Talese. They lost their life to the DANA airplane crash of 2012. No they weren’t on board , the plane crashed on them. This event majorly construct the 15year old SSCE candidate mind. He strongly believes he has a lot to contribute to his country’s development.

“For today class we will be treating Wole Soyinka’s ‘death and the king horsemen. So class bring out your texts. Wole Soyinka in this drama recreate the story of a certain ‘EleshinOba’…”

“hey Iyin”.
“Let’s walk together”.
“Did you learn anything from the literature class bro”.
“Yeah a new Yoruba term. I still don’t know how I’m going to do the assignment “.
“ she said we should write a poem about anything topic of our choice. Look around and write on anything”.
“Yeah I know , I will try”.
“Ok , call me when you get home”.

Shayo stays with his grandma , who has been his guardian, since the untimely death of his parent. They both live in Oba akinjobi, ikeja, inside the nexus of excellence. This neighborhood is known for its calmness and orderliness , but then the people here are real people too , they gist on the road.

“Eka San ma, mo fe ra agbado N100”.
“Ok. Oko mi .
Shayo joor koti Ji na dada sogbo , joor bami joko pelu awan brother yi na die”.

“I told you he was going to lose”.
“After all the ballot burning and snatchinggggggg?.
“ what are you talking about dude ? There were soldiers everywhere, how can there be ballot burning ?.
“ what do you know. Facebook people , didn’t you see videos online?.
“ Nonso must you include Facebook-twitter war in everything ni . Where are the videos ? Una shall like make them Dey call una sour losers sha. Baba just admit Atiku only has online supports”.
Nonso brings out his phone. On his data and open his twitter app. Touched the top left avatar, touched boomarks, pressed play on a video of thugs burning ballot boxes. Exit the video , pressed play on another ballot box snatcher been burnt. These video shifted James-the friend , position on the argument. And also left him with disgust at how much people risk their life for money . Nonso however continues playing more videos.

“What am I going to do about this assignment. And why won’t everyone stop talking about election for once ?

“Oya come and collect your agbado”.
“Ok ma .
Corn for dinner , new lecture from grandma on who EleshinOba is … and my assignment though…”.

“… them no kill this one . I saw video of him in hospital”.
“But Nonso how much them day pay these boys , wey dem they risk their life like this”.

“Wait did that bros just say people are killing themselves again this election ? Ok I think i know what to write for my assignment”

Horace in his literary pragmatic criticism postulated that, all writer should write either to instruct or entertain. Plato also viewed literature as the imitation of life. Shayo after eating grandma’s Adaalu and listening to the concept of EleshinOba , agrees with these two schools ”

Ke re e o. Dear obedient Courier of his majesty’s orders,
Ogbeni governor just called, he said “congratulations.
We saw all the burnt ballot boxes, those prevented from voting
and the money you paid to buy the votes.

Lagbaja of Mtshali’s nightfall . Arabambi omokunrin ogun.
I heard you killed again yesterday . At least he pad for the job.
I know you have bills to pay . why won’t you render that little girl orphan.
One shot to the skull for each , her parent didn’t last.

He bought you a mustang . You ride this , he rides your soul.
But you wouldn’t care , you have to flex , you have to impress.
You killed , you’ve destroyed , you’ve disrupt .
But time count and the count is the count that counts.

When remission finally emerge, we hope no Faun will strike.
In fact don’t worry , We came with our own Olunde.
Eleshin oba! Hurry up . The governor must be satisfied.
Or is it the party that needs your service the most this time?

“Shayo can you come and explain your poem to the class , most of your mate doesn’t understand”.
“Yes ma”.
He stood up, brought out “Beatification of area boys and death and the kings horsemen.

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  • Lytan
    Posted March 7, 2019 at 8:52 am 0Likes

    The king horsemen indeed. Proud of you brother, keep the pen busy..!

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